Long vs. Short Dog Leash: Why the Length of a Dog Leash Matters?

Long vs. Short Dog Leash: Why the Length of a Dog Leash Matters?

Long vs. Short Dog Leash: Why the Length of a Dog Leash Matters?
Long vs. Short Dog Leash: Why the Length of a Dog Leash Matters?

Does the length of the dog leash matter?

Well, yes. The length of the dog leash does matter. The length should be chosen according to the breed, nature, health, training and behavior of your dog. It might seem an easy task but should keep several points in mind before letting your money out. There are hell lot of dog leashes available in the market but the there are just a handful of them that are suitable for your furry friend. Leashes come in several varieties for example: different size, length, type, material etc.

Which one to choose: long or short?

As we said, there are several points to be kept in mind before purchasing one. These points are enumerated below:
Size of your dog: it is not necessary that a small dog requires a long leash only. It depends on the master also. It depends on the master that what speed and distance they want to maintain between the pup and himself. It depends on your height too, if you are tall you will need a longer leash for your small dog but if you are not that much tall then a short leash can also work. Similarly it goes with the large dogs.Behavior of your dog: if your dog is sincere enough to listen to all your commands then a long leas would be a good treat to him. On the other hand if your dog is notorious, then you should go for a leash of optimum length that gives him his space and keeps him in your proximity. If you have a lazy dog, it is recommended that you purchase a short leash.Breed: you need to think about this point. Many large dogs are sincere, and many small breeds are notorious. That means you need to know what kind of a dog you have and chose the leash length wisely.Training: well trained dogs can manage with almost all kinds of length. Many well trained dogs do not need any leash and the masters can take them out freely. But if you are not that master then it is important for you to know that your dog is not well trained. You need to have a leash that is only that much long for your dog to sit on ground properly while you are standing. In other words, notice the length of the leash extended when your dog sits on ground and you keep standing at this time. Measuring the length like this will help you keep your dog in proximity and he will think that he is given some freedom.
All in all it is necessary to know the requirement of your furry companion, only then they will understand you. We hope this article was helpful to you. You can view other articles of ours to know how to choose a better dog leash and which are the best quality dog leashes in the market.


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